Sunday, April 1, 2012

Robin's Nest Ring

My daughter Kelsey was home visiting this weekend and yesterday we were looking at some jewelry magazines when she noticed a bird nest necklace.  She said "I've always loved these nests, I want to make one!"  Kelsey who rarely makes jewelry, but is a pretty inventive sort, looked through what I had on hand, chose three oval turquoise stone beads, and proceeded to start wrapping away with some 22 gauge silver wire. I left the room and came back five minutes later and she had magically whipped up this super cute robin's nest ring ~
Sad to say I was not there to witness the process, but she started by grouping the three beads together, and then just continued wrapping the wire around itself, and added a few silver jump rings. She finished it by wrapping a section for the ring.  This was done with very little use of tools as well.
Simple, adorable and perfect for spring!
Inspired by the Circle of Love necklace by Janice Everett (which features a sweet little wire birds nest) in the July 2011 Bead Trends magazine.

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