Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Spring!

Yes, it's finally spring, but it's been more like summer here in NH this past week.   Some of the sap buckets seem to have been removed from the maples already, and many of the sugar houses are having their open houses this weekend.  It's hard to know what season to focus on these days.  So, since anything goes, I thought I would just post a few stoneware pendants I recently listed on Etsy to celebrate spring, summer and fall:

Big things are also happening in the Beads of Clay group as well lately.  You can find out more about the Beads of Clay Professional Artisan members and more of the latest happenings on Facebook, and the BOC Blog.  Be sure to also stop by and check out the Beads-of-Clay Etsy shop, where you can find some incredible creations from the talented members of the Beads of Clay Team!

Here's a few of my items that are available in the BOC Etsy shop

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