Monday, April 9, 2012

Some New Spring Glazes!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Things were a bit quiet around here for us this year, but I did finally have a chance to crack the lid and fire some pieces to test the new batch of Coyote cone six glazes I purchased a month or so ago.
Sunset Pink

 Red Orange


 Saturated Iron

 Crazed Copper

I thought these would go nicely with some of my other colors to round out my palette with some similar hues suggested by Pantone for 2012.  I tested them on porcelain and stoneware.  Yesterday was cloudy, so these photos are not stellar, but here's how the glazes turned out.

Sunset Pink - It's very Coral pink.

Red Orange - It's Really Red Orange, Very similar to the Sunset Pink, only Darker.  It will be great for some fall pieces.

Mint - This shade I really like.  A nice light color that looks great on both the porcelain and stoneware. An alternative to my favorite ~ turquoise.

Saturated Iron - A very rich, earthy shade.  I see lots of nice potential with this one. It looks great in the sunflower centers as well.

Crazed Copper - This one is going to be one of my new favorites I can tell.  It's a bit like the Mint, but also reminds me of a lighter Gun Metal green with it's metallic look and the way it moves.

And, last by not least ~ Violet ~ I'm a huge purple fan, and this shade makes the grade.  It looks amazing with all of these new colors, and I know I'll be using this one frequently as well.

I'm starting to list some of these pieces in my Clayworksnh Etsy shop, and the starfish above will be listed in the Beads of Clay Etsy shop.  I hope you'll stop by both shops and see what's new!

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