Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second July Cup of Bead Soup Creation by Lori Anderson

Yes~!  This month jewelry designer Lori Anderson from Pretty Things is creating pieces from a variety of pendants and beads I sent her for her July Cup of Bead Soup!  One of the pendants I sent Lori is this dancing starfish pendant made from tan speckled stoneware clay.  The pendant was kiln fired to cone six, then glazed with my favorite shades of Coyote glazes - Turquoise Matt, Pansy Purple and Almost Teal, which really go well with this type of clay. I lightly glazed the starfish and raised portions of the waves in Shino, which really allows the details of the speckled clay and the natural design of the starfish to show through. 
The soup batch also included some of my matching stoneware beads in different sizes.  I was really looking forward to what Lori would come up with for a design.......

As it turns out, and not at all surprisingly, Lori designed this Amazing necklace with these beachy stoneware pieces...  I am so excited to see this finished piece Lori created. ~
It's so cool to have an another artist's eye on my work, and to see a totally different approach than I would have ever thought of, and to behold the finished results.  I just think the combination of Lori's wire work, the Vintaj pieces, floral bone beads, and antiqued brass chain links are a perfect combination with the stoneware beads.  A personal favorite highlight is how Lori used the smaller beads in the middle of the links combined with those sweet little wooden beads.  To finish the piece, Lori used some purple faux suede and gorgeous Vintaj clasp - which is genius and really also brings out the purple in the pendant!   For more details about this and Lori's Cup of Bead Soup process, please stop by Lori's blog ~
Coming later, Lori's creations from the Third batch of beads I sent her for the July Cup of Bead Soup

Don't miss fun!  Coming soon - the next Bead Soup Blog Party  ~ Sign ups are August 1-3  ~


  1. She does such a wonderful job with your beads so far. Anxious to see the final batch. And am waiting the opportunity to sign up for the Bead Soup Blog Party.

  2. Thanks Kay - it's seriously been a treat to see the reveals. Looking forward to seeing the next one as well. ~ :)

    I know - the last Bead Soup Party (my first) was such a fun, creative learning adventure for me. I'm glad Lori is hosting another one soon!

  3. I'm so happy to have been working with your pieces! They've really been stretching me. I'm sitting down to the last piece tomorrow (headache permitting!).

  4. Hi Lori - I'm thrilled that you're working with my beads, and it's been such a treat to see what you've created with them. Looking forward to seeing the final of the three. I have to work today, but I'll check back in this evening. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Lisa, thanks for your comment on my autumn mix for the BSBP. I'm very excited to be part of this BSBP, and it's so much fun working with this wonderful selection of beads. I saw your work for the first time this morning, and it is beautiful. Your designs are so creative and wonderful.
    Have fun with your bead soup. 'can't wait for the big reveal in September.