Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Showing of Lori's July Cup of Bead Soup!

Yesterday Lori Anderson of Pretty Things revealed the results of her work with the first group of beads I sent her for the July Cup of Bead Soup
Lori used the pendant I made from earthenware clay.
To achieve this raised detailed swirly leaf effect, I pressed the clay into a large floral stamp.  The pendant was then glazed with a mix of light and dark turquoise, medium blue, sky blue and blue green. I also sent Lori some ceramic beads made from white clay, glazed in matching shades of blue.
A third firing was done with mother of pearl which gives the pieces a rich, opalescent appearance. 
I was so excited to send these beads to Lori to see what she would do with them.  I love the idea of the net!  I think it's a perfect theme for these beads ~~
Lori used a piece of raw linen to get this "caught in the sea net" effect, and finished this catch with one of my ceramic toggles. I really like the way the beads are spaced, and choice of copper elements.  To learn more about Lori's process and the techniques she used on this piece, check out her post here:
Please share your thoughts, Lori would love to hear what you think. ~ I'll be in touch when Lori reveals the next group of beads!


  1. I love what she did with your pendant, toggle and beads. She did a wonderful job and did them justice. Gorgeous.

  2. I agree - I never would have thought to use that type of fiber myself, but really love the look.