Monday, April 11, 2011

Vote for the Donut Please!

My Donut for the Etsy Mud Team Donut Challenge is finished and listed ~

Please show some love and Cast your Vote for my Seafest Starfish and Shell Frame Here.  Thank you!!  I hope you like the results of my slab technique seashore frame with turquoise, blues, purple and greens.  I think the tan speckled stoneware clay is perfect for that beachy feel. The swirls and waves are left unglazed for a more sandy texture which makes a nice contrast with the glaze.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had intended to make a mirror frame, but since it did shrink a bit too much while drying, and firing, it is now a Frame which can be used for a photo or mirror. I'll just be getting a little smaller mirror to fit the piece.  In that post you can see the process of how I created the piece.
Thanks again for your Vote! I So appreciate your support. :)


  1. Love such frames.They look so close to nature and beautifully done.better still if we could treasure the shells that we collected sticking in there...lovely earthy colors.Birthday gift ideas