Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Sightings in New Hampsha

Only in Tuftonboro......
My favorite mailbox...


Frost Heaves? Really?  I had not noticed.
Bump? I think you meant Cavernous Car Thrashing, Whiplash Inflicting Cravasse... Perhaps?

 Quick - the humans are coming, let's cross the road....


Mud? What Mud?

The trees were sappin' haaahd this yee-ah.

Spring at last.


  1. Love this photo round-up! Looks a lot more springlike there than it does in Colorado this morning.

  2. Sorry to hear that Michelle - I can't imagine it being any less springlike than here. Hopefully that Colorado sunshine will do it's magic soon. :)

  3. Ha! Love this post :) From a fellow New Englander, although way south from you in CT, Mud Season is wonderful, isn't it? But it does eventually give way to a spectacular summer!

  4. Thanks Holly - Yes, the summers are Amazing and beautiful here, just a bit too short. :)

  5. That mailbox looks like mine after the plow goes by! :-D Great pictures--just got back from Keene to see my Mom and she has crocuses up (ok AND mud)!

  6. I'll bet it was in Keene, Cait. That's a bit south of here - maybe their grass even has a green hue to it by now. :)

  7. Love NH -- never been there though but in the summer, when I stock up on yarn for the year!