Friday, April 15, 2011

Autism Awareness Month Giveaway

April is Autism Awareness Month

There are many great websites with information about this developmental disorder which Time says "One in 110 American children are considered to fall somewhere along the autism spectrum, according to the latest report released by the federal government."  You may know someone with autism, as I do, and know the challenges that they and their families face on a daily basis. 

A few years ago, someone who works with children and adults with autism commissioned me to make some autism puzzle pins for her organization's store.

I made puzzle pins in all colors, shapes and sizes, and hand painted Autism on them. Unfortunately due to an illness she had to close her shop.  This month, I'm giving away 20 of my handmade autism pins which are made from a white, kiln fired clay, glazed and fired a second time. 
They have retailed for $6.00 - $12.00.  If you're interested, or know an organization would like them, please just leave a comment below.  I will be announcing the winner/s Friday, April 22nd.


  1. I own a salon and I have a couple of clients whose children have autism and I know that your pins would be much appreciated by them. I would give them to these ladies who work so hard everyday to bring awareness and support to the cause. Thanks for this giveaway.
    Shannon C

  2. Thank you for your compassion and willingness to spread the word! I have worked with so many special children and even have a nephew with autism. I love the reusable pin!
    Deb Y.

  3. Absolutely Deb - The pins can be worn anytime of year. Thank You also for all you do. :)

  4. Oh Lisa, I hopped over to see your 7000 bracelet of hope, and then saw this post. Our new associate pastor has two boys, 3 and 5, both diagnosed autistic. We are painting a classroom at church just for them. Everyone in our church is working hard to become more aware of autism, and to spread the word. What a wonderful pin you created!

  5. Shirley - thanks so much - it's so wonderful to hear of the great work that people are doing. Thank you for letting me know about your pastor and the church. I'm so glad you like the pins!

  6. My youngest son has autism. I am always looking for "puzzle" type items
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Readg4fun at yahoo dot com

  7. Hi Marie! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :) Lisa

  8. Thanks everyone for getting back to me with your addresses so I can mail you your prizes. The only address I'm missing is Deborah's. Deborah ~ if you're out there..... :)