Friday, November 26, 2010

My Entry for the November ABS Blog Challenge

This month's Art Bead Scene Blog Challenge theme is Gustav Klimt's representation of the Tree of Life.  I thought this was such a great piece to work from and there's so many fun details it was easy to get creating!
To begin, I made some kiln fired stoneware beads using a raised swirl design, then handpainted them with underglazes, using a light tan color for the background and a darker brown for the swirls. 
I also made the toggle clasp from clay to match the beads. The most fun was painting the little tree dwelling creatures with eyes which I mostly have dangling from the necklace.

I used several of my other clay beads as well as various decorative silver and glass beads and connected the piece with wire as well as some cord. 

Detail from Gustav Klimt's piece...

Here's the beads ready for the kiln.

A close up of the focal bead with overglaze.

My Tree of Life Beads ~ Fresh out of the kiln.
Funny little mushroom eye creatures.... 
Putting it all together.... 
I'm back from a fabulous craft show in Effingham.  Best one ever~ :)
Have a great weekend~!


  1. Your Beads for this contest are absolutely wonderful. Can anyone go and vote or do you have to be a member? The colors are wonderful!!! GOod luck!!!
    Glad your show was a success.

  2. Thanks Gerry :) I'm not sure how the voting works, but I'm glad to know I have yours. I see they actually picked somebody else, but I had a great time trying!