Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Getting Ready for my Upcoming Craft Show!

For about five years now I've enjoyed participating in the annual Crafting for the Holidays juried craft fair in Effingham, NH.  It's a Thanksgiving weekend craft show featuring craftspeople from New Hampshire and Maine. 


Susann Foster Brown – Etched wall & textile pieces
Magi Leland – Artwork
Ann Skehan – Quilts
Lee Spiller - Stone Sculpture
Charlotte Waitner – Soy Candles
Peggy Brewster – Photographer
Ruth Mathews – Handmade Rugs
Donald Murdock – toys
Rich Ray Bliss - Paper Sculpture & Jewelry
P’nina Kaplan of P’Ninas Designs
Garden Dreams, Goat Soaps & Herbal Creams
Karyl Bisson of Simple Gifts – woodland terrariums
Shirley Mensch, Art & Illustration
Jodi Johanssen – Wreaths and More
Susan Gaboriault – Pins
Candace Maher – Cards, Calendars & More
Ann Morgan - Lampshades
Lisa Boucher, Clay Jewelry
Denise Walker – Sculptured Textiles
Frank & Linda Wise – Woodturned Pens & Scarves
Jan Graham of Tactile Comforts - Felted items and more;

Hope to see you there!

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