Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ornament Experiment Part Two

Seasons Greetings All - Here's the results of the glazing of my ornament experiments ~
Below you can see some of the ornaments before the glaze firing.  I'm putting on the clear glaze which is pink.

Below are the ornaments after they were glaze fired, but before I put the mother of pearl on the blue ornaments ~
I thought the blue ones would be enhanced by the mother of pearl luster, so I decided to do the additional firing.  Here I am putting the mother of pearl on the ornaments.  I use a glove to avoid getting the luster on my skin.
I'm glad I decided to use the luster, because I think it did really have a nice effect with the blues. It's not always the best choice, but here I think it works.

Since I'm a fanatic about the Holly Berry design and use it on everything, I was thrilled that this floral stamp pattern works so well with that design!
It was so fun to try something new, and this definitely won't be the last time I use stamps in my creations! Happiest of Holidays to you All and I look forward to sharing more ideas and creations with you in 2011!


  1. They turned out fabulous! Makes me wish I were on your card list... LOL I have always loved the textural look of clay, the stamps are a wonderful way to achieve that.

  2. Lovely ornaments. You are so amazing. Happy Holidays to you too.

  3. Great Lisa. I love blue so I love these. I had been waiting to see the results.

  4. Thanks everyone - I'm glad you like my new ornaments! I'll be using this technique quite a bit more in the future, but I will probably still use more of my own molds than commercial stamps. We'll see... it's nice to have different options. Thanks for stopping by ~ Lisa :)

  5. beautiful, especially the star! :o)