Tuesday, April 23, 2013

En La Lumie're in April 2013 Bead Trends

I just wanted to share a necklace that one of my favorite designers made that's published in the April 2013 Bead Trends issue! 
Thank you Cherrie Fick from En La Lumie're! There's just something very special and beautiful about all of Cherrie's designs. You can always tell when you see her pieces because they have a magical elegance.  I was thrilled when Cherrie purchased one of my Clayworks porcelain leaf pendants last year, and I couldn't wait to see what she would make with it!
I couldn't have been more excited when I saw her Rushing Spring River Necklace inspired by the memories of her "childhood trips to the mountains in southern CA and crisp rivers rushing by from the snow melt." says Cherrie. I really love how the colors she chose in the other components of the piece bring out the turquoise and purples in the background of the pendant. The background Bead Trends used is, as always, absolutely stunning, with the aqua and turquoise illuminating the whole piece beautifully. 
You can see Cherrie's necklace in the Inspired by section of this month's Bead Trends, and find out more on her blog Designs in the Light.

Cherrie's husband Michael who is also a designer takes breathtaking photography as well.   
 Thank you Cherrie for never disappointing and always inspiring!  Cherrie's one of a kind artisan pieces are available in her En La Lumie're Etsy shop.


  1. this is gorgeous!! I just love my necklace that I had a friend make for me from one of your pieces-the big sunflower

  2. Hi Kathy! Nice to see you again. So happy to hear you're enjoying the sunflower necklace. :) Hope things are going well in your world. L