Monday, October 8, 2012

October Happenings at Clayworks

Happy Anniversary to Kelsey and Sam who just celebrated their 2nd anniversary on October 2nd!
  We have such great memories of the event. It took place in the mountains of Plymouth NH, and the rain took a break that day just for us.
  It couldn't have been more perfect.

Since they had a fall wedding, Kelsey thought it would be fun to make some acorn earrings as gifts for her bride's maids that would match the color of their gowns.  One day when Kelsey was over for a visit, we took a drive into town and checked out the local bead store.  We were pleasantly surprised to find they had the exact perfect chartreuse glass beads that were just the right size for a nice acorn.  Then we took a walk in the woods behind our house, and found a treasure trove of acorns that we could use for the acorn tops.  Voila - Sweet little acorn earrings all set to go, on little cards that Kelsey made on the computer. The wedding party loved them and they're fun to wear anytime!  Crafting these together with Kelsey was the most special part to me and something I'll always remember.

Since I had an abundance of acorns leftover from the project, one day I had the bright idea of trying to use some of them for a jewelry piece.  I threaded a headpin through some gold vintage filigree bead caps and glued them to the acorn tops, then made a loop with the wire for stringing.  To make them more durable, I brushed on a few coats of Mod Podge sealer and they were ready to go!  Combining the acorns with some turquoise discs, some of my Clayworksnh stoneware beads, and little baby acorns made from beads and Hawaiian puka shells, I wired them up on some antique copper chain, and was really pleased with this fun little fall bracelet!

I submitted it to Bead Trends and am excited to say they published it in their October 2012 issue!
It's found in the Mixed Media section.  Thanks again to Bead Trends for choosing one of my pieces for your beautiful publication!

Other October Happenings:  I'm excited to be a part of the newly launched Artisan Whimsy site which features everything you can imagine about beading and bead artists and members of the Creative Bead Chat Facebook page

 A site for bead makers and jewelry designers of all mediums to share their work, useful tips of the trades, giveaways, and much, much more.


  1. What gorgeous photos of their wedding! It really was picture perfect! And this bracelet is just adorable. I love everything you make! I guess I'll go look in your shop and ooooh and aaahhh! Happy Fall my friend and congrats on being published...again! How wonderful!

  2. Thank you Diane! Happy Fall to you too. :) I'm going for a hike today to take in the foliage while it lasts. I check out your blog everytime I miss being at the beach. It's the next best thing. :)