Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend at the Camp

Barry and I made our end of summer trip up to the camp to enjoy some of the great weather while it lasts and it couldn't have been any better.  Sunny days and we had the pond to ourselves for the most part.  It was perfectly quiet with the exception of the occasional blasts from the nearby shooting range, but other than that it was glorious.  
I of course took the kayak around to scout for signs of wildlife and check in to see how the pond monster was doing. I spotted a few turtles, frogs, dipper ducks, and these creatures. A prehistoric bird and a malnourished horse. 
We had a few fireworks extravaganzas that Barry blasted off from a little raft with a rope attached.  While cleaning up the next day, I was admiring some of the artwork on the fireworks packaging.
One of the limbs from the giant old oak tree in front of the camp had fallen recently and had to be cleaned up.  It fell right where I've done my sunbathing on the beach many a time.  Unfortunately the old tree is on it's way out. It's been a part of the family for many years.
This is prime acorn harvesting season so I gathered up a batch while the gettin' was good. They're wonderful for fall craft projects and photo props.
 It wasn't too windy, so I set up an outdoor glazing studio on Barry's newly refurbished picnic table.
Ah, the camp.  Until the next time.  Hopefully it will be before next summer!

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