Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Happenings at Clayworks

Well, last weekend we finally made our annual pilgrimage up to "Misery Gulch".  Barry headed up earlier in the day, and I joined him up there in the evening and was still able to take in the beauty of the pond and notice some of the changes in the scenery since last fall.
One thing I hadn't noticed before was the old birch is starting to resemble an old corset.
These beautiful little pink flowers were blooming out front near the beach.
Right before the sun went down, I decided to take out the clay and make a few beads. With no electricity, all dead batteries in the flashlights, no candles to be found, and the lanterns not yet lit, I attempted to continue making beads in the dark, and ended up with some interesting two holed specimens. Apparently being able to see what you're doing does make a difference.
Tree bark makes for a nice cozy drying tray.

The following morning I took the kayak around the pond and picked up some interesting plant specimens.
Have you ever Really looked at the inside of a water lily?
Wouldn't that make for a nice little sun stamp?
These fun little green bulbs were from a white flowering bush on the edge of the pond, and I found them to be fantastic for texture.
Fun with shrubbery.

I'm still cleaning all of the beads from this batch, and hope to get them fired up soon.  Until the next trip to the camp.... 

On a closing note, I wanted to share some exciting news that a necklace by the talented designer Cherrie Fick, featuring one of my starfish pendants, 

was published in the July 2012 Bead Trends issue!
I've always admired Cherrie's work, and was thrilled to see her beautiful necklace "Swept by the Sea".  The elements look like they were just meant to go together.  I love the way the cord is woven through the chain, and the decorative way the wire is used as a bail on the pendant.  Cherrie's in good company, this magazine is full of gorgeous designs.  Thank you Cherrie for always creating fresh and original work to enjoy.


  1. Love your necklace in Bead Trends. Congratulations. Also love all those water plants you looked at. Wonderful post.

  2. Thanks so much Mary. :) That's very sweet of you to say. Aren't the water plants fun? I'm looking forward to seeing how the molds work out. Hope you're enjoying the summer!

  3. Really fun to be in nature. I don't get out in it nearly as much as I should. Love the texture of those cool flowers. Love your work. Thanks for including me in your post. Nice company.

  4. I know Cherrie - I'd love to have more time to just explore and enjoy the outdoors. It's "good for the soul" as my Dad says. Thanks for taking a look. I'm anxious to see how the flowers turn out myself. Looking forward to seeing your next lovely designs!