Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stirring the Soup ~

Bead Soup Ponderings ~
Since I received my delicious bead mix from my bead soup partner Emanda, I've been pondering what spices I could add to the already sumptuous ingredients.  I think it would be fun to add some of my own handmade ceramic beads.  Since Emanda's beads are mostly of the smaller hole variety, I took out a basket of my smaller holed bisque beads.....
I found a few to glaze up and string randomly in-between the other beads in the mix. 
Now to select the colors and start glazing!


  1. Your clay creations are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what colors you pick to go with your bead soup. You are an amazing artist. I've had such fun blog hopping thru this Bead Soup experience. And my Etsy wish list just keeps growing!!!

  2. Yay - so excited to see what you do with your soup! Thanks for stopping by my blog!