Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mug I received from the Etsy Mud Team Mug Swap!

A few weeks ago I entered the Etsy Mud Team Mug Swap, and the other day this awesome mug arrived from the Barefoot Potteress!
Look at the beautiful glazing, and the mug has such a great feel to it.  I love large mugs, for my coffee in the morning so it's the perfect size for me.
As an added treat, there was a really cool earth clay button and sweet little soap and soapdish with a swirl design! I love them all! 
If you want to see more Barefoot Potteress creations, visit her Etsy shop:

Happy Halloween!


  1. Lisa, thanks so much. I love your blog. :D the soap dish can be used as a trinket dish or food prep dish as well. the button is soda fired. the soap dish is either redux or oxidax fired. i have a couple other things in my shop with glazing similar to your mug. I like that color combo wheat glaze under spatteres of hamada rust tenmoku and turquoise. Well thanks again and i'm glad you like your mug. I'll eventually be listing recently photographed items:

  2. I knew there was something special about the glazes. Who would have guessed spatters of hamada rust tenmoku on the mug? I noticed there's definitely a hint of turquoise. They're all great colors whatever they are. Very nice pieces in your Etsy shop as well - I'll keep an eye out for the new listings. ~ :)