Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Seaside Pendants and Beads!

Fresh from the kiln ~ my latest seashore inspired beads, earrings and pendants for summer!

Finished pieces are soon to follow!


  1. Hey Lisa!
    I also have a fondness for things found at the seashore! I found that I could press the seahorse into the clay by using a sponge for the pressing of the seahorse (have you seen the tiny ones?) and clay at just the right setting. Not too wet to get clay sticking into all the crevasses, but soft enough to make an easy pressing (those points can hurt).

    I go back and forth about using them because I think - poor thing had to die to have me use them, but then I remember that invertebrates have a ton of offspring to ensure survival of their species…

    Anyway - enough on that tangent… I really like the pieces that have the multiple colors. They really pop out of the pictures!

  2. Thanks so much Marcia! I know - I love the seashore theme. It's true - those seahorse bristles can hurt when you're pressing them in the clay. I'm glad to hear that they aren't endangered - I wouldn't want to be a part of that because they are precious.

    Thanks so much for taking a look. I hope you come back again. Lisa :)